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Has The World Witnessed The Greatest Inventions Yet?


I was somewhat confounded about ‘Mother’s day’, like what number of mother’s day do we celebrate in a year? I’m certain one and only Father’s day exists so I chose to Google the data.

A few days ago, it was majority rules system day May 29th and I resembled Google, help me to remember Nigeria’s freedom day.

Talking about Google, I’m certain those folks more likely than not set objectives like:

To guarantee no other web index exists by year 2020.

To guarantee no one uses the expression “mind” by 2020

To guarantee no other IT organization has a name by 2020

As at 2008‎, other web indexes still by one means or another existed in our psyches like; Devilfinder,, Yahoo look, Bing, Technocrati, Dogpile and so forth now I needed to Google other web search tools to get the data.

At this moment in the event that you have anything going ahead in your brain that requires a legitimate clarification we utilize Google, some of the time we even trust Google to give us answers over Doctors, yes! Not discussing self-pharmaceutical, I mean you as of now got a remedy from a specialist and you Google it to make sure the medications are sheltered.

What a few people won’t not know is that Google may not be right, this is on the grounds that Google brings information from related articles on the web and if the source is not confirmed the data got could not be right.

Most research tasks depend on results sourced from the Internet (Google), along these lines leaving practically zero space for novel techniques. Be that as it may, in the event that we investigate life when there was no Google or web search tools as a rule and the present, has the world fared better?

Have we been sufficiently imaginative to concoct or what we have been seeing is quite recently negligible reusing. Has there been any development since the beginning of the 21st century? What’s more, will the world witness any weighty developments?